Wednesday 16 May 2012

Packed Parish Meeting

Last night's parish meeting was a very well attended affair with the main hall bursting at the seams.

Following a review of his first year from our shiny new district councillor David Ashcroft we were treated to a fascinating talk by South Downs National Park Authority member Doug Jones.  Doug, a Buriton parish councillor explained the history of the National Parks movement, the buildup to the South Downs National Park, how the authority membership is made up, what they do and how it affects us here in Kingsley.

Jude Simpson from East Hants District Council gave us a brief overview/reminder of what Parish Plans are all about before handing over to Brian Herbert who brought us up to date with where we are with our own parish plan here in Kingsley.

Brian was able to present to us the findings of the survey carried out last November in which all households were asked to complete a questionnaire on many aspects of living and working in Kingsley. Nearly half the questionnaires were completed and the results will form the evidence base for planning decisions affecting Kingsley as well as many other improvements to village life.

The full results are available here on the parish plan website. Please read them, consider what actions they call for and ask yourself "how can I help make that happen?"

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