Tuesday 24 June 2014

Kinsgley Parish Council - Thursday 26th June

Kingsley Parish Council meets on Thursday, 26th June 2014 in the Kingsley Centre at 8.00pm.


1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Declarations of Personal/Prejudicial Interest
4. Public Question Time:Public Questions
Consideration of agenda items which will be open to public participation

5. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th April 2014:Matters Arising
Encroachment and bins on Sandy Lane
To receive an update by Cllr McCorkindale

6. Planning Applications
Applications ongoing:

30633/024 Grooms Farm, Frith End Road, Frith End, Bordon, GU35 0QR
Ancillary building for events associated with existing hotel, together with landscaping, parking
works (including waste water treatment plant) and retention of frith end quarry haul road for
access to the site and hotel

22959/005 Unit 4, Kingsley Business Park, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9LY
Change of use from B1 and B8 to B2 use (general industry)

20136/047 LMC Sleaford Garage, Farnham Road, Bordon, GU35 0QP
Extension to part rear, part side workshop and parts storage building; enabling removal of
existing ad hoc detached storage buildings and containers (revised application including Flood
Risk Assessment and Highway information further to 20136/045)

52947/002 Land to the East of Kingsley Sports Club, Sickles Lane, Kingsley, Alton
Installation of 5mw photovoltaic (solar) farm with associated equipment

55450 Area 1 and 2 Kingsley Quarry, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon
Variation of condition 3 (working scheme) of planning permission F24847/014 (Plans available
to view on the HCC website)

24601/042 Country Market Osborne Farms, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9LW
Roof mounted PV solar array

24601/042 Country Market Osborne Farms, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9LW
Roof mounted PV solar array

SHCC/2014/0138 Sandy Bridge Farm, Main Road, Kingsley, GU35 9NQ Variation of condition
1 of planning permission F24847/015/CMA to extend the time period for tipping of inert waste
and to revise the final restoration contours

Farnborough Airspace plans
APP/M1710/A/14/2214126 Appeal by: Mr Dragjoshi
Land south and east of Service Station, Farnham Road, Bordon

New applications:
55585/001 Fenris 1 Sickles Lane, Kingsley, GU35 9PD
Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement two story dwelling

54919 Land at Kingsley Golf Club, Forge Road, Sleaford, Bordon
Retention of access from Kingsley Golf course onto the B3004, erection of gate and close board

7. St Nicholas Cemetery & Cemetery Chapel
To consider instructing Richard Ashby to survey St Nicholas to produce specifications for remedial
work for water ingress and death watch beetle damage and any other things that need doing, at a total
cost of £2,250 and to use these specifications to obtain quotations for the required remedial works

8. Transport, Highways and Road Safety
Road Safety:
To receive an update from Cllr Rigden
Consider the lengthsman scheme

9. Commons, Village Greens and Rights of Way
Upper Green:
To receive an update from Cllr Rigden

10. Community Resilience
11. Environment and Biodiversity
12. Sports, Recreation and Leisure
To consider the provision of extra rabbit proof fencing for the allotment site at a cost of £300

13. Kingsley Village Forum
14. Parish Plan
15. Housing, Business & Commerce
Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing
To consider whether to request housing needs survey for Kingsley
Parish representative on Whitehill and Bordon regeneration consultative tier
To receive an update from Cllr Rigden

16. Communications
17. District Councillor
18. Procedures, Finance and Payments
Payments to be made & Accounts to accept
Date of Next Meeting of Kingsley Parish Council -
Thursday 24th July 2013 - 7.30 pm at the Kingsley Centre

Kingsley Parish Council AGM Thursday 26th

The Annual General Meeting of Kingsley Parish Council will be held on Thursday 26th June 2014 at 7.30pm in the Kingsley Centre.


1. Election of Chairman
2. Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman
3. Apologies for Absence
4. Election of Vice-Chairman
5. Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Vice-Chairman
6. Approval of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23rd May 2013
7. Registers of interests
8. Election of Representatives for:
· Planning:
· Allotments:
· St Nicholas Chapel:
· St Nicholas Cemetery advisory Committee:
· Upper Green and Playground:
· Lower Green:
· Cricket Pitch:
· Rights of Way:
· Fly-tipping and litter:
· Transport, Highways and Road Safety:
· Environment and Biodiversity:
· Sports, Recreation and Leisure:
· Low cost and social housing:
· ECO – Town consultation:
· Minerals and Waste:
· Village Forum:
· Community Resilience:
· Kingsley Benefit Fund:
· Parish Planning Group:
· Parish Council website:
9. Approval of Final Accounts for the Financial Year 2013/2014
10. Date of Next Meeting – May 2015
This Annual General Meeting will be followed by the monthly meeting of the Parish

Friday 6 June 2014

Kingsley Fete 20th July

The village fete will be held at the Sports Club, Sickles Lane on Sunday 20th July from 12 noon until 4pm. Your attendance and support will be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Household waste recycling Consultation

 Hampshire County Council is carrying out a 12 week public consultation on its household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) to inform how the service will be run from April 2015.

The County Council needs to make significant savings by 2015, equivalent to a 12% cut in its total budget. The County Council has identified some different and innovative ways of running the HWRC service to make sure it can continue to deliver its priorities while meeting budget saving targets and maintaining the quality of core services.

The proposed service changes being consulted on are:

Closing one or more sites that do not represent good value for money, where there are nearby alternatives within easy access, alongside the existing programme of site redevelopment and accounting for planned housing growth. Introducing tighter trade waste controls such as height barriers or dedicated onsite enforcement officers, to reduce the amount of trade waste wrongfully disposed of at sites.Accepting waste and recyclable material from small businesses for a fee.Looking to recover the cost of disposing of DIY waste such as soil, rubble, plasterboard and asbestos through charging. These wastes are not classified as household waste and are expensive to dispose of. Reviewing site opening times to negotiate lower management costs, while maintaining the service at busier times. Working with charities or communities to increase reuse of furniture and other items, to further reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal.

The consultation will be open from 2 June to 22 August 2014. Responses can be made online at: www.hants.gov.uk/recycling.

Paper copies of the consultation are available from local district and borough council offices and Hampshire libraries, or call Hantsdirect on: 0845 603 5634 or email: hwrc.consultation@hants.gov.uk to obtain one.