Kingsley Benefit Fund

Established in 1993, the Kingsley Benefit Fund exists to raise the level of fun in the village. It is a way for the villagers to make life better, more fun, more "villagey" for themselves and everyone else in Kingsley.

We organise events and projects in the village, everything from a full-blown village fete down to a simple barbecue. We try to provide the "extras" which turn residing in the village into living in the village.  Why are there spectacular floral displays along the roadsides in Kingsley? because the KBF planted them; why are there picnic tables at the playground? because KBF put them there; why is there a children's Easter Egg Hunt? because KBF runs one.

In 2011 we adopted a new approach. Instead of relying on a traditional committee of the willing a "Register of Talents" is maintained allowing individuals to volunteer whatever time and talents they're willing to lend to the village. You can volunteer here.

Some people are happy to lend a hand with planting bulbs along the road verges whereas others would be happier organising a barn dance. The register provides a means for bringing together the appropriate people without them having to commit to regular meetings and get involved in things which don't interest them.

KBF is currently resting, sleeping the long sleep, until some magical prince comes along to awaken Cinderella Punch &Judy Wizard of Oz Sleeping Beauty. It was Sleeping Beauty wasn't it, something like that. Anyway if you live in Kingsley, are vibrant and full of youth and optimism, are good at bullying people into doing stuff, why don't you revive KBF.

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KBF Constitution

President: Kath Eustace
Administrators: James Palmer and Bob Stammers.

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