Saturday 4 April 2015

GE2015 - Impartial guide 1

Having received a complaint (anonymous, unsubstantiated) of lack of impartiality I shall be careful to treat all parties and candidates with equal contempt between now and May. Anyone still not enjoying my approach is invited to make their own contributions, or shut up.

The runners and ride in this constituency have now been declared:- and they are, in no particular order (or perhaps there is!)

Damian HindsConservativeRight-minded people, generally better off
Alex WilksLabourUp the workers!
Richard RobinsonLibDemsThe alternative, sullied by government
Peter BaillieUKIPOld men in a pub on Wednesday night
Peter BissetGreensGardeners, dreamers, peaceniks

So, thinking about the parties nationally, the Conservatives and Labour could actually form a government if they manage a majority of seats, the others would all cast about trying to figure out how this running the country malarkey actually works. On the face of it that narrows the choice down to the first two but this is England where we don't have the luxury of voting for a government anyway so let's just choose the best candidate. (Yes, I do realize that Damian is going to be re-elected, I'm not completely stupid, I've lived here long enough to know how things work)

I shall be offering thumbnail sketches of each of the candidates over the next few weeks and you can make up your own minds.

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