Thursday 9 April 2015

GE2015 - Candidate sketches

In support of my assertion that, round here at least, we should vote for a candidate rather than a party or a government I shall be offering sketches of each of the candidates exclusively based on correspondence with each of them.

I have written to Damian Hinds on several issues during his MPship: bishops in the House of Lords, prisoner voting rights and a few others and I asked each of the other candidates the same single question:

I wonder if you'd be so kind as to share your thoughts on the following topics:-

* non-⁠⁠stun animal slaughter
* withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights
* software patent regulations
* bishops in the House of Lords
* independent nuclear deterrents

Please don't cut and paste from party policy, I can do that all by myself; I am interested in you as an individual rather than you as party apparatchik.

My sketches will be based on the various insights gained from the responses. I won't be publishing the actual responses themselves because that would be unethical as I hadn't warned them in advance wouldn't it.

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