Thursday 23 April 2015

Free speech

This blog offers "news and views" from Kingsley, for the most part my news and views but that needn't be so. Since the beginning it's been made clear that anyone with a genuine connection to or interest in Kingsley can write on the blog and of course anyone at all can comment.

If you'd like to post articles on the blog fill out the form or contact me some other way and I'll setup credentials for you to post directly to the web. If you want to post but not using the technology yourself, email your articles to me and I'll post them for you. You can post under your real name or a 'handle' although in the case of the latter I'd need to know your real name. You're entirely responsible for your words so I'll need to pass on the writ if you get it wrong.

If you think that content posted here is biased or unfair you have three remedies:

1) Feel free to rebut anything you consider to be out of order. If you do that anonymously in a whingeing fashion, your complaint is likely to be treated with contempt.

2) If you work a little harder you might understand why you're wrong.

3) You can ignore it. Somewhere on the internet someone will always be disagreeing with you, sometimes that person will be me.

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