Sunday 26 April 2015

WW1 - Kingsley men

I have spent some time researching the eight men from Kingsley who died in WW1  the stories behind the men of Kingsley who died in WW1 – and their families and I have written up my findings for each of :-

Of Kingsley’s Eight Men who Died :

* Only one, Frederick Fullick, was actually born in Kingsley, though John Parfitt should be counted in too. Strictly speaking though , he was born in Binsted, as most of The Straits is not within Kingsley.

*  Three of them would have gone to Kingsley school  together, Frederick Fullick, John Parfitt and Sidney Giddings (who moved to Kingsley when he was 8).

* Two of them, Joseph Allden and Edwin Painting had moved to the village a few years before the  outbreak of the war.

*  Three of them, Gerald Mason, Alfred Naunton and Harry Betteridge, may never have actually lived in Kingsley – but their families did.

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