Friday 24 April 2015

Manifesto human rights

I searched each of the party manifestos for the term 'human rights', this is what I found:-

GREENS - no mention of human rights.

  • Protect the Human Rights Act and enshrine the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in UK law. 
  • We will take appropriate action to comply with decisions of UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights. 
  • Block any further attempts to limit the right to trial by jury.
  • Pass a new Freedoms Act, to protect citizens from excessive state powers.
  • We will remove ourselves from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights: the Strasbourg Court whose interpretation of the European Convention of Human Rights has been known to put the rights of criminals above those of victims. Our own Supreme Court will act as the final authority on matters of Human Rights.
  • We will also repeal Labour’s Human Rights legislation. It has given European judges far too much power over British law making and law enforcement and prevented us deporting terrorists and career criminals and from implementing whole-life sentences.
  • Our human rights will be enshrined in law via the introduction of a new, consolidated UK Bill of Rights. This will complement the UN Declaration of Human Rights and encapsulate all the human and civil rights that UK citizens have acquired under UK law since Magna Carta. This new UK Bill of Rights will apply across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Will stand up for citizens’ individual rights, protecting the Human Rights Act and reforming, rather than walking away from, the European Court of Human Rights
  • We will support human rights, always putting individual freedom and democracy at the heart of our foreign policy
  • We will appoint an International LGBT Rights Envoy to promote respect for the human rights of LGBT people, and work towards the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide.
  • Will scrap the Human Rights Act, and introduce a British Bill of Rights. This will break the formal link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights, and make our own Supreme Court the ultimate arbiter of human rights matters in the UK 
  • Will stand up for the rule of law and human rights in Zimbabwe
  • Will promote reconciliation and human rights in Sri Lanka
  • Will ensure our Armed Forces overseas are not subject to persistent human rights claims that undermine their ability to do their job

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