Monday 28 September 2015

Kingsley Parish Council - urgent meeting Wednesday 30th

At the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 24th September, the Council agreed to call a further full council meeting to consider urgent matters that could not be completed.

Kingsley Parish Council will meet on Wednesday 30th September 2015 in the Kingsley Centre at 6.00pm.


1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks
2. Apologies for Absence
3. To consider the Transfer Documents for the sale of land near Piggeries
Sign documents, if approved

4. To consider the approval of the following changes to Standing Orders and Risk Assessment (proposed changes circulated by email dated 14 Sep 2015)
1) Standing Orders (revised April 2013).
Propose: New section ‘4 Lead Councillors’
Propose: New section ’26 - Transparency’
2) Appendix B - Financial Regulations (May 2013) Propose update section ‘5 - Banking arrangements’
3) New Appendix F Propose new ‘Appendix F - Lead Councillors as per attached document to replace the stand alone Parish Council document called ‘Lead Councillors’ dated April 2014
4) KPC Risk Assessment (May 2013) Propose all due dates in KPC Risk Assessment May are updated to June 2016

5. To consider the review of the clerk contract of employment

Date of Next Meeting of Kingsley Parish Council -
Thursday 22nd October 2015 – 7.30 pm at the Kingsley Centre

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