Monday 8 April 2013

County Councillor - Alton Rural

Assuming you are actually registered to vote (you've still got a few days, you can register by clicking here) you'll be wanting to vote in the county council elections on 2nd May. The candidates are:-

Maureen COMBER- LibDem
Mark KEMP-GEE- Conservative
Jan TREACHER- Labour

 So who's going to win? Well the front runner must surely be the incumbent, Mark Kemp-Gee, a decent chap, Conservative, won in 2009 and in 2005. Obviously Jan Treacher has no chance whatsover being as she's of the Labour variety.

In 2009, the LibDem managed 25% of the vote but of course this time around they're intensely unpopular, especially in comparison to UKIP. Surely we're not actually going to elect a UKIP county councillor?

So I predict Conservative, UKIP, LibDem, Labour

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