Friday 5 April 2013

April Crimestoppers

Well, spring might not be springing just yet but it won’t be long until we’re heading for those long hot summer evenings! Well, perhaps not just yet! If the weather ever improves, we’ll all soon be getting out the lawn mowers again, so now’s a good time to think about garden security.

In the past month or so, there have been quite a few shed breaks across the south. We generally stash all our garden tools and furniture at the end of September and it is only now we are thinking about going back into the shed. In the meantime, the light-fingered thief has been on his travels, helping himself to anything he, or she, can lay their hands on. There is a huge market for second hand lawn mowers, strimmers and other such tools, especially at this time of year.

Police are also warning people to take more care about what they leave lying around their gardens so they don't become a victim of crime. It comes after a number of break-ins where stones, bricks or garden implements have been used by burglars to smash their way in.
There have been some 29 recorded such incidents across the area since the beginning of the year. In each of these cases the burglars found items such as loose bricks lying around to smash a window to get in. The items of choice to steal have been laptops, jewellery and cash.

Please take care that you are not making life easy for these criminals. Where possible make sure any garden implements are not left lying around and instead lock them away somewhere safe. It's also best to make sure any rubble or loose bricks are also removed.
Remember too that it's important not to leave keys in door and window locks. Often people will remember to lock their doors but then leave the keys in it. Instead, make sure they are somewhere accessible for you, but not in the lock. Once the criminals have smashed the windows it is easy to get in by putting a hand through the hole and turning the key.

Remember, Hampshire really is a safe place to live and work. However, we can all do our bit to make it an even better place to be so if you have information about ANY crime, please do not hesitate to give Crimestoppers a call. 0800 555 111 or log on to to give information online anonymously. For those of you Twittered up, please follow me on @HantsCrimestopp for regular updates.

PC Simon Wright

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