Monday 16 April 2012

Cradle Lane Monitoring

Now that the permanent TRO is in force on Cradle Lane the monitoring and incident reporting is in operation and YOU can take part and help preserve the lane and access to it for the good of everyone.

Firstly, using this form, please report any illegal act or anti-social behaviour.  Illegal activity includes vandalism and any use of the lane by motor vehicles having three or more wheels. It is important to remember that every incident, however minor should be reported as this helps a pattern of behaviour to be established which could be useful to the CSO responsible. If you witness Criminal Behaviour you can contact Tria Gibbs 11357 on

Secondly, use Cradle Lane Monitoring Form
if you have the time and enthusiasm to file a monitoring report on the condition of the lane. You can do this regularly or on an ad-hoc basis, every little helps.

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