Saturday 9 April 2011

May 5th elections

Nominations are now in for Kingsley Parish Council and they are:- David Comber, Mary Herbert, Linda McCorkindale and Christopher Rigden.

These will almost certainly be elected unopposed.  The authorised number of councillors is six (having been increased from five by KPC request in February 2009) but, with only four volunteers, those named above must surely be a shoo-in.

Nominations for the one seat in Selborne ward on East Hants District Council: David Ashcroft (Tory), Maureen Comber (LibDem) and Sarah Hall (Labour).

Here of course is where the excitement lies!  Sarah Hall obviously stands no chance whatsoever, this is Hampshire for goodness sake - Labour? I think not.

So Tory or LibDem? If this was a general election it would be the Tory, we just can't help ourselves but district elections have gone both ways over the years. This year we have the added spice that Maureen Comber, wife of David Comber, is the current councillor having been elected as the Tory candidate in 2007.

Maureen was unceremoniously thrown out of the Conservative party a couple of weeks ago after having irritated the hierarchy by banging on about having horses on the Shipwrights Way and has now become a LibDem.

Who's going to call that then?

AV or not AV
That is the question.  The Tories say "no", the LibDems say "yes".

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  1. How wonderful to have you back. I cannot count the hours I have spent pining - and with only the second post you have set the standard. The idea that our elections offer us some sort of choice. Satire of the highest order. Well done! Did Jonathan Swift ever visit Kingsley?