Friday 15 April 2011

District campaigning - the candidates

As we are now less than a month away from the all important election of a District Councillor I feel it's time we had some proper campaigning from the candidates and this blog is keen to do its part.

Scouring the web (in the absence of any actual literature from the candidates) I have come across the following:-

Maureen ComberLiberal Democrats (Yes, she's plural!)Frith End"Maureen Comber was elected for the Ward of Selborne on 3rd May 2007" (the rest of this has been omitted as it's "Copyright 2011 East Hampshire Conservatives. All Rights Reserved".)
Sarah HallThe Labour Party CandidateNewton Valence"Sarah Hall is a former senior reporter, political correspondent and health correspondent on the Guardian" (I have no idea if this is the same Sarah Hall, aren't they all alike?)
David AshcroftConservative Party CandidateSelborne"Ten years ago today, David Ashcroft came into wealth most of us can only dream about." (This is almost certainly not the David Ashcroft)

Hopefully soon we'll be able to offer some policies as well.

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  1. Sarah seems to have the advantage, as she is representing "The" Labour Party whereas the other two are campaigning on behalf of non-specific entities. Not that I give, as the saying goes, a crab.