Tuesday 26 April 2011

District council election 2007

A timely reminder of the nail-biting tension of the district election last time round.

In 2007 only two parties stood, the Conservatives represented by the fearsome local campaigner Maureen Comber and the Liberal Democrats represented by the unheard-of Keith Pritchard. The Alternative Vote procedure was not used, the council wisely sticking with the tried and trusted "first past the post" system.

Voter turnout was a magnificent 46.42%, well up on the 2003 figure of 45.56% when the abysmal Warwick Womack (C) roundly defeated the avuncular Pelham Ravenscroft (LD) by a full 33 votes.

Recount followed recount with villagers holding their breath until, finally, the result was announced, in hushed tones:

The Conservative Maureen Comber was duly elected, by a single vote.

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