Tuesday 21 July 2015

Kingsley Parish Council Thursday 23rd

Kingsley Parish Council will meet on Thursday, 23rd July 2015 in the Kingsley Centre at 7.30.


1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Declarations of Personal/Prejudicial Interest
4. Public Question Time
Public Questions
Consideration of agenda items which will be open to public participation
To receive a report from the Chairman of Oakhanger Angling Club, Mr Gamble, on the future plans for maintenance of Kingsley Pond

5. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th June2015
6. Matters Arising
7. Planning Applications
Applications ongoing:
56084 1 Malthouse Barn, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9LW
Single storey extension to rear
53722 Stannards, Grooms Farm Lane, Frith End, Bordon, GU35 0QR
Summer house to rear
24601/044 Vodafone, Country Market Osborne Farms, Main Road, Kingsley, GU35 9LW
Removal of the tapered top section, tower height to be increased from 15m to 18m, replacement of 3 antennas with 6 antennas, and installation of a 300mm dish antenna plus ancillary works
Appeal W/15/30005532: 6 dwellings after demolition of buildings Land east of Karma Main Road Kingsley Ongoing enforcement EC/51617/003 erection of building and change of use to mixed agricultural and aircraft hangar. Land east of Sickles Lane Sleaford unauthorised caravans
New chimney/flue/vent in the Kingsley Business Park New Applications: 27107/032 Sleaford Farm, Farnham Road, Bordon, GU35 9LJ Single storey rear extension, new porch and roof lantern over living room extension 27107/033 Sleaford Farm, Farnham Road, Bordon, GU35 9LJ Part single, part two storey extension, new porch and roof lantern over living room extension 37484/004 Westerkirk, Main Road, Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9ND Re-position of conservation roof lights on south west elevation of barn roof and alteration of staircase design (amendment to previously approved 37484/003)

8. St Nicholas Cemetery & Cemetery Chapel
To receive an update from Cllr Pearson

9. Transport, Highways and Road Safety To consider the highway danger caused by the limes in the grass verge by the Kingsley Centre, with regard to exiting School Fields and the transport depot on the corner opposite the Cricketers

10. Commons, Village Greens and Rights of Way
To receive an update from Cllr Rigden

11. Community Resilience
12. Environment and Biodiversity
13. Kingsley Village Forum
To receive an update from Cllr Pearson

14. Housing, Business & Commerce
To receive an update from Cllr McCorkindale

15. Communications
The correspondence received this month was listed by the clerk and circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.

16. District Councillor
17. Procedures, Finance and Payments
To consider the approval of changes to Standing Orders and Risk Assessment
Payments to be made & Accounts to accept

Date of Next Meeting of Kingsley Parish Council -
Thursday 24th September 2015 – 7.30 pm at the Kingsley Centre

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