Tuesday 29 April 2014

European elections next month

Do you already know who you'll vote for next month? If so it's probably Nigel Farage (or perhaps Daniel Hannan). What makes me think that? Well here's the list of candidates, go on admit it, you've never heard of any of them have you?

On what basis will you vote? Will you carefully examine the manifestos of each of the parties, or the track records of the candidates? Perhaps you'll employ some tribal thinking : "I always vote Labour"; "I'm worried about climate change so I'll vote Green".

I was going to complain about the lack of campaign info about the election but I've just seen an election broadcast by the Green party. Unfortunately, they're led by that awful Australian woman so no-one's going to vote Green apart from the diehard "science is settled" mob.

Surely we should all vote for Jean-Louis Pascual, no?

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