Saturday 21 May 2011

Kingsley Common, adventure playground

Kingsley Common today was a real hive of activity.

In addition to the large number of troops being trained in the finer points of lurking, stalking and other military activities whilst wearing full combat kit on one of this spring's warmest days;

In addition to the wide range of model aircraft being enthusiastically flown and the many cyclists "walking" their dogs as well as the more usual dog walking suspects;

Today we also had the May round of the Southern Supermoto Championships entailing around 50 motorcycle racers riding, very very quickly, around a taped off and well-marshalled course, part tarmac'd, part offroad in this exciting speciality.

The organisers and some competitors arrived last night together with the first of many large vehicles, some motorbikes and several dogs.

The remaining competitors arrived this morning for the all day event and the area surrounding the parade ground looked very festive with all the tents and picnic tables. The MoD warden was amongst the crowd of spectators and he seemed to be having more fun than the poor old troops.

The June round of the championships is still awaiting a venue. Who knows, perhaps they'll return to Kingsley Common.

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