Saturday 21 March 2015

Kingsley election politics

Thursday saw the first election meeting in the Kingsley centre , featuring our Conservative MP, Damian Hinds.

Regrettably, my hearing was misbehaving on Thursday so this report is going to be less than a shining example of accuracy and detail, sorry about that.

A grand total of 11 formed the audience plus a pair of latecomers and Damian was introduced by the chairman of the local conservative association, sorry, can't remember his name, proper Conservative though: checked shirt, brown jacket, probably a farmer or solicitor or something, anyway he told us how Damian was brought up properly and is an all round jolly good egg.

Damian is a very personable chap, shook hands with everyone, always stood up when speaking, which he did without notes , even during his rather interesting 40 minute  talk about the marvels of the last five years and why we should vote for him in May.  Questions from the floor included two about planning matters (nothing to do with Damian), education (Damian's hot button) and something else but I can't remember what. 

Seems like a competent enough politician which is just as well as he's almost certain to be reelected, people tend to vote Conservative round here.


  1. Some impartiality wouldnt go amiss. Perhaps the fact the audience consistented only of 11 shows a large degree of apathy towards the current government, and politics in general.

  2. It might show that and it might show any number of other things. What sort of impartiality did you have in mind?