Friday 24 May 2013

Brit Butt Rally

Today marks the start of the 2013 Brit Butt Rally for motorcycles organised by Iron Butt UK.

Today the riders travel to the Xscape Travel Inn in Castleford for the start of the 6th Annual Brit Butt Rally. At 3pm check in starts and document checks take place. Their bikes will then be checked over by Iron Butt UKs Technical Officer to make sure there are no obvious defects and the bike is likely to be able to travel the 1100+ miles of the rally. They then ride a short fixed route ride to judge the accuracy of their odos so their true mileage can be established over the rally.

The rally proper will commence at 0600 tomorrow and all rides must be complete (and all riders back in Castleford) by 1800 on Sunday, 36 hours in total including compulsory sleep and other rest stops. Some 60 43 riders will be seeking out bonus locations scattered over the length and breadth of Great Britain (and possibly Europe and/or Ireland).

A few of the riders have agreed to publish their SPOT tracks so you can watch their progress in real time using these links:

Owl  -
Roberto  -
GraemeAndSally  -
Skarthi  -
Wully  -

Sadly, I won't be competing this year. Roll on 2014.

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