Monday 25 March 2013

50mph A32

You will recall from this article that Hampshire County Council figured that a 10mph reduction in the speed limit of two wide, straight, clear stretches of road near the Meon Huts would be a smart thing to do. Well, as of 12th March 2013, that's exactly what they have done.

This action reflects Department for Transport (DafT) guidance which suggests that "lower speed limits should be considered where the accident rate" exceeds a threshold.

Perhaps someone needs to suggest to DafT that an even more rational response might be to raise driving standards to something approaching competent. Think what it means to reduce the speed limit from 60 down to 50 - does that really make it safer? Does anyone believe that?

According to the decision notice "Traffic speeds surveys also showed that the existing vehicle speeds along the A32 are below the proposed 50mph limit, with mean average speeds being 47.7mph".

This is a pointless waste of time, effort and money and we should all complain about it.

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