Tuesday 29 January 2013

More Raspberry Pi

Looks like it's not just my opinion, or that of the Cambridge admissions tutors, that ICT teaching in the UK has been somewhat lacking over the last few years. Now we have both Google and Microsoft joining the fray according to this BBC news report.

"Schools around the UK are to be given 15,000 free microcomputers, with a view to creating a new generation of computer scientists.

Funded by Google, the Raspberry Pi Foundation hopes the free devices will inspire children to take up coding."

the article goes on to say

"Computer science is something that we have been calling the 'fourth science' for some time. We believe that it is every bit as important as physics, chemistry and biology," said Steve Beswick, director of education at Microsoft.

"By formally introducing children to computer science basics at primary school, we stand a far greater chance of increasing the numbers taking the subject through to degree level and ultimately the world of work."

If you haven't got one yet or haven't persuaded your school to get them, now is the time.


  1. Good news to all those who are aspiring to be the next being thing in the field of computer science. This is one good way to discover new faces and unique programs for the development of the applications and software in our current system. It's good to hear that there are movements which aims to encourage the youths in participating to the evolving cybertech society.

  2. Computer Science is simply underrated. In this digital world, we should consider great programmers as geniuses. Without them, our technology advancement would take a pause. Its good to know that at such a young age, children could learn the logic behind programming and further improve it.

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