Monday 12 September 2011

Autumn bulb planting - that means you

KBF is planting bulbs in the village again this autumn and we need your help.

We have identified the best places to plant and we have sought expert advice from within the village about what to plant and when but this is your village and we want you to participate directly by contributing bulbs and we want you also to help with the actual planting.

The plan is to plant bulbs in four locations: near the speed limit signs at either end of the village, outside the Kingsley Centre opposite the church and on Lower Green below the pub and in front of the cottages there.

We have arranged for a supply of each of four bulbs to start us off.  The bulbs we have chosen are: Crocus Tommasinianus, Tenby Daffodil, Pheasant eye daffodill and Frittilaria.

What we’d like you to do is to purchase the remainder of the bulbs yourself.  You can choose more of the bulbs above or you can choose something different, entirely your choice as long as what you buy is suitable for autumn planting.  Springfields Nursery at Oakhanger and Country Market at Sleaford  both have a wide range of bulbs priced between £1.80 and £5.

Collection boxes are available in the Kingsley Centre and the Cricketers Inn, just drop your bulbs in and we’ll take care of them.

We would also like you to help plant the bulbs.  We plan to plant them on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th September from 10am onwards.  We’d like you to commit now to helping on one of those days, just an hour will be fine or all day if you’re keen.  There is a sheet next to the collection boxes, please add your name to the list of planters or in the comments below.

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