Sunday 3 July 2011

Kingsley to Australia

These days the interweb thingy (the thing you're looking at) allows us to conduct research into all kinds of things without ever leaving the comfort of our own PC and, whilst looking up something in old quarter sessions records, I was distracted by some details of former Kingsley residents transported to Australia as punishment for their crimes.

Martha Grover
aged 23 in January 1799 was sent to Australia for 7 years for the crime of fraudulently obtaining some cloth from Thomas Lee of Alton. She never left Australia.  You can read more of the details of her life both here and in Australia by clicking here.

Aaron Harding & Thomas Harding
brothers aged 41 and 32 in June 1831 were sent to Australia for Life and 7 years for their involvement in the Selborne workhouse riots. Full details here.

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