Wednesday 20 July 2011

Help shape forestry policy

The Independent Panel on Forestry wants to understand the widest range of views, interests and expertise, they welcome you to share your views and ideas on any aspect of forests and woods through the call for views (PDF). The following list of questions may help frame your response. It would be helpful if you could respond under these broad questions: ON OR BEFORE 31ST JULY 2011

Question 1 – What do forests and woods mean to you?

Question 2 – What is your vision for the future of England’s forests and woods?

Question 3 – What do you feel to be the benefits of forests and woods to:
a) You personally;
b) Society as a whole;
c) The natural environment; and
d) The economy?

Question 4 – We would like to hear about your suggestions of practical solutions and good practice which can be replicated more widely.

Question 5 – What do you see as the priorities and challenges for policy about England’s forests and woods?

Responses to or by post to
Secretariat to the Independent Panel on Forestry,
c/o Defra, Area 5E, Nobel House,
17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR

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