Thursday 16 June 2016

Yet Another EURef Exchange

Hi Damian,

You will no doubt remember that I was unable to vote for you in 2015, despite you being the best candidate, because of the party's petulant approach towards human rights as expressed in Grayling's celebration of ignorance entitled "Protecting human rights in the UK" and amazingly adopted as a manifesto commitment.

I'm sure that you and the prime minister were both surprised to wake up after the election to discover that you'd fluked a majority and consequently had to actually implement some of the more outlandish schemes, especially an in/out referendum. I realize that, as the party enjoys a diverse range of members, it's necessary to placate some of the louder backbenchers but I think that putting the country at risk to sort out some internal strife involving the  semi-detached rightwingers is taking "one nation tories" too far.

Assuming that the party survives the chaos it's brought about, perhaps the government could give itself a stiff talking to and start acting like one. In the event of a vote to leave I may well decide to relocate to Poland while that remains a possibility. If sense prevails and we remain, with a huge majority, I should like to see the senior tories currently spreading lies and disinformation thrown out of the party.Let them join UKIP or form a new party - Patriotic Conservatives - so that the party can get on with the job of running the country rather than quarrelling like naughty siblings.

There will be plenty of time to do the rearrangements after the referendum as there isn't any effective opposition. Grasp the nettle.

Good luck,


Dear Bob,

Thank you for your email.

I am pleased that our party is fulfilling its manifesto commitments from 2015 and I am glad to see that we are holding this very important debate on our place in the European Union.  I cannot comment on what some colleagues have chosen to say as part of the EU referendum campaign, as I'm sure you will understand.  I have always hoped that people would engage with this debate in a constructive and well-informed manner and I, for one, will continue to push for a positive message about why we should remain in the European Union.

Kind regards,

Damian Hinds

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