Monday 20 January 2014

Street parties, etc

The Cabinet Office has just published a "Can Do" guide to organising and running voluntary and community events.

Voluntary and community events are an important aspect of everyday life that help encourage people to play a more active part in society.

They may celebrate a particular occasion, raise funds for a good cause or simply bring people in a community closer together. We have worked with a range of civil society and government organisations (some of whose own guidance we link to here) to develop this guide, which will:
  • help you to plan and run successful events with a minimum of red tape
  • if you are holding a particular type of event, help you to find the specific advice you need
The guide should clear up any confusion over issues such as health and safety and food hygiene, which people often think will get in the way. Organising a successful event is really all about good planning and taking sensible precautions where necessary.

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